4 Important Points

April 26, 2013

Access Control Systems do just as the name implies; they control access to a resource. By installing an access control system, you will be able to monitor and restrict who has access to certain buildings or rooms. An access control system offers your business some great benefits.

  • Audit Trail – You will have a record of every opening and attempted opening of each door or area. This can be valuable in resolving employee issues, such as time card disputes.
  • Time/Day Restrictions – When certain people should only have access on certain days or at certain times, such as your janitorial staff, their access would be restricted to only those times they are to be there.
  • Lost or Stolen Keys – Lost keys, or those stolen or not returned by former employees, can be a very expensive process for a business to rekey each door. Access control systems allow you to easily deactivate an ID badge or other security credential.
  • Remote Access – Easily & quickly lock down your business in an emergency, as well as add and remove credentials.

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