High Security CCTV Video Surveillance – Dallas, Texas

Crisp-LaDew, a leader in fire protection and life safety solutions since 1933 offers full service capabilities on commercial CCTV video surveillance systems.
Crisp-LaDew is experienced with facilities that require high security access like prisons, jails, airports and other governament buildings.   According to the experienced field CCTV technicians, common problems with many CCTV systems are installing cameras in the wrong places, ignoring lighting and line-of-sight issues and having administrators who do not grasp many simple functions that make the system operate.
CCTV systems are highly effective in stopping and catching thieves – see “Caught on Camera” video
CCTV Upgrade.  If you already have a CCTV video system with digital video recording (DVR) in your facility and would like recommendations and costs to upgrade your system to new technology, call Crisp-LaDew for a free analysis and quote.
Offering 24-7 emergency service.
Crisp-LaDew Dallas
3380 Highway 80 East – Mesquite

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