1. Is there a code that requires emergency lighting to be tested?

Yes, to help ensure their reliability, battery operated emergency lights must undergo the following tests per NFPA 101(100), Sec. 7.9.3.

2. What are the required test procedures?

A 30-second monthly functional test, and a 90 minute annual test.

3. Are EXIT signs required to be tested?

Yes, the requirements of the in NFPA 101 Sec. 7.1 0.9.2 also applies to EXIT signs provided with a battery operated emergency illumination source.

4. How do I maintain the life of emergency lighting/Exit sign batteries?

Like automobile batteries, which are continual discharged and recharged during normal vehicle operation, proper testing extends the life of batteries serving emergency lights or EXIT signs.

5. What type of batteries are used in emergency lights/EXIT signs?

The two most commonly used battery types for emergency lighting/ EXIT signs are lead acid and nickel cadmium.

6. How long will emergency lighting/EXIT sign batteries last?

Batteries have a limited service life. Because there are many factors that affect battery life( e.g. changing temperatures), it’s not possible to estimate the batteries longevity.